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Prayer Requests

Week of Prayer & Fasting

Free Christian Church has a vision that we would become a house of prayer, where:

  • Prayer is foundational to everything we do.

  • Prayer is seen as experiencing the presence of God and becoming aligned with his will.

  • Where everything we do is birthed in and sustained by prayer.

  • Praying together is seen as a normal and essential part of our corporate life.


Care & Support


support groups

spiritual direction

All people encounter problems from time to time that hinder spiritual and/or emotional growth. These problems may result from a crisis, unwise decisions, the effects of others’ sin, the result of spiritual testing or discipline, or any number of situations that could be helped by caring Christian counsel. Whatever the cause, God calls the church to be an agent of healing and support. Others seek to deepen their relationship with God and seek assistance in this area or need to be lifted up in prayer.

Free Christian Church strives to offer Caring and Support ministries that make a real difference in the lives of people. People serving in Caring and Support ministries are highly trained, supervised, and specifically gifted.

If you are in need of care or support, please contact Laurie at