What is Spiritual Direction?
Spiritual direction is for anyone who thirsts for God and would appreciate
having a companion whose role is to help notice and respond to God’s presence in the course of life.

The true spiritual director is God, and those who offer this ministry consider themselves to be holy listeners – listening to God, listening to the person they are accompanying and listening to their own hearts on behalf of the one coming for spiritual guidance, the directee. This is a ministry of hospitality – one person opening up his or her heart for the specific purpose of welcoming another.

What We Will Do?
A typical spiritual direction meeting lasts for one hour. We usually start with a few minutes of silent prayer. The rest of the session is a conversation in which the directee, the spiritual direction client, shares portions of his or her life. Together we explore God’s presence and intervention as it is noticed in the life of the directee. Jesus was a master at asking transforming questions that advanced the spiritual journeys of others. We try to model Jesus in asking questions in an open, relaxed, and grace-filled way. Our desire, as spiritual directors, is to reflect Jesus’ wisdom, humility, and compassion in the course of our spiritual direction conversations.

Trained Spiritual Directors:

Andrea Bliss-Lerman
Minister of Spiritual Direction
e. andrea.bliss-lerman@freechristian.org

Eileen Casto
e. eileen.casto@gmail.com

Roselle Heckendorn
e. roselle.heckendorn@freechristian.org