Part 1 - Where have we come from?

Discovery Session Four

Our Purpose Statement is to invite people into a relationship with Jesus Christ and a community of Christian love, develop in them Christ-like maturity, and mobilize them for service to His church and the world, in order to glorify God.

This session looks at the last part of our purpose statement: our overall aim in all we do is to glorify God. We will look back at how we have done this as a church in the past and then at our vision and plans going forward.


Aim of this session

1.   Where have we come from?

2.   Where are we going, as a church?

3.   Why should I join the church? 

4.   What commitment do members make?

5. What commitment does FCC make to its members?

6. How do I become a member?


Part 1 - Where have we come from

Watch this video about FCC’s history

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