Part 6 - How do I become a member of the Church?

Part 6 - How do I become a member of the Church?

Congratulations! You have completed Discovery, now all you need to do is complete the following steps to become a member. By getting to this point in the online course you have done steps 1-2, all that remains is to complete your application, meet with the elders and say your vows during one of our Membership Service.

Step 1            Attend sessions 1 and 2 of the Discovery Course with the pastors

Step 2            Complete sessions 3 and 4 of the Discovery Course online or with
Roselle Heckendorn

Step 3            Complete the membership application

                   Click here to complete the application online (the preferred option)                          

Step 4            Submit a spiritual journey statement

This step is part of the online application. But if you are completing a paper application, you will need to submit a separate spiritual journey statement, preferably by email to Roselle Heckendorn at

Simply write up your answers from page 4 of your Discovery Manual, or use the Spiritual Journey statement worksheet in Appendix 14 on page 41.

Alternatively, you can arrange to meet with one of the pastors to talk through your spiritual journey, if you find it hard to write out. Email Roselle at

Step 5            Attend a gathering with the elders.

Click here to check the dates of the meeting with the elders. If you can’t make the date, please email Roselle at to see if we can make alternative arrangements.

Step 6            Say your membership vows during one of the services. 

The End

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