Part 4 - What commitments do members make?

In their membership application, members sign a statement saying that they agree with the FCC statement of faith and expectations of members. (see appendix 12 on page 39)

 Read the FCC statement of Faith below

1. FCC’s Statement of Faith 

Free Christian Church is committed to a biblical, Christ-centered understanding of the Christian faith as reflected in our belief: 

  •  in a Trinitarian God - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

  • that through the transgression of Adam man is born into a condition of sin and death and is in need of divine assistance for salvation.

  • that the Son became human (Jesus Christ) and died on a cross and rose bodily from the grave in order that those who come to Him in faith might receive abundant and eternal life.

  • in the authority of the Bible as the infallible rule and example of faith guiding the life of the church and of the believer in both doctrine and practice.

  • that the church, as the living body of Christ, is God's primary means for proclaiming the good news of His kingdom as well as the primary community where the Christian life is practiced.

  • that, from the beginning, God has guided His creation and His people by His loving care and providence.

  • in a future and historical return to Earth of Jesus Christ and the bodily resurrection of the dead - the faithful to eternal life and the lost to eternal separation from God.

  • in the sacraments of the Lord's supper and in Christian baptism. 

2. FCC Expectations of Members

As stated in the bylaws, members are expected to:

1.   Worship regularly at Free Christian Church

2.   Support Free Christian Church and its ministries financially and through personal service

3.   Live in concert with the Purpose Statement of Free Christian Church

4.   Seek to understand and use their spiritual gifts in service to Christ’s church and in the world for His sake

3. Membership Vows

During the service in which they are accepted as members of FCC, Members make the following promises to God, before the congregation.

They confess their faith in Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, and make Him their example, and take for their rule of life His words:  Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.  And … thy neighbor as thyself?

They commit to give themselves unreservedly to Christ’s service, and take FCC to be their church. Ever mindful of the welfare of their fellow members, they promise to walk with them in faithfulness and Christian love.  And they promise that, so far as they are able, they will attend the services of this church, observe its sacraments, share in its work, support, and missions, and endeavor to make it a healthy body of Christians.

See appendix 13 on page 41

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