Part 2 - Where are we going as a church today?


Picture 1


Picture 2


Turn to page 19 in your Discovery Manual to help you answer the questions below

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Strategic Objective #1. Develop our Primary Drivers as the Church-Gathered
Check the three, main church-gathered environments that we are seeking to foster in to meet this objective:
Strategic Objective #2. Practice Whole-Life Discipleship as the Church-Scattered
Check the three, main ways that we will help people to grow in their understanding of how to share the love and message of Christ through their everyday lives.
What is picture 1 (dot picture above) intended to illustrate?
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What is this picture 2 (dot picture above) intended to illustrate?
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4. Ministry Strategy and Platform What is the FLiK strategy?
What does FLik stand for? (pick one)

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