Part 3 – Where should we serve in the church?

We believe:

  • God has designed each of us to serve Him in a unique way.

  • He has given us special gifts to enable us to serve the body.

  • The whole body suffers when we don’t serve in the way God designed us.

See 2 Corinthians 8:7 and 9:7, Scriptures 5 & 6, in your Discovery Manual on page 16

However, many of us struggle to know where we are meant to serve, so here are two ways to find your place of service in the church

  1. First Serve Opportunities

These are opportunities that are open to anyone and tend not to require much time commitment. They are designed for people, who do not have much free time, to dip their toe in and see if this place of service is a good fit for them and can be a great place to start serving, particularly if you are new to the church.

  • Connecting Ministries (serving once a month on a Sunday during, before or after the service, on the Welcome Desk, as an usher, helping with Communion set-up or clean-up, serving coffee) Contact Phyllis Bonugli at

    • Week at a Glance. Turn to page 33 in your Discovery Manual and simply email the person listed by any service opportunity you are interested in.

2. Fill out a SHAPE Profile

Many of us have a sense that God is calling us to serve but need some help to identify where would be the best fit for us. At FCC, we use the SHAPE profile to help people identify a place to serve that best matches their gifts, abilities, experiences and availability. This is a tool designed by Rick Warren of Saddleback Church to help you identify your God-given SHAPE and help you find your place in the body. There is a brief description below, but you can find out much more in his book the Purpose Driven Life.

SHAPE stands for:
S = Spiritual Gifts
H = Heart
A = Abilities
P = Personality
E = Experiences

You can fill out the SHAPE profile below online or complete a paper version and leave it in Roselle Heckendorn’s mailbox. On receiving your profile, she will contact you to connect you with the member of staff best suited to follow up with you so that you can work out together the best place for you to serve at FCC.

You can choose to submit a SHAPE profile, online, by answering the following questions, or if you are not ready to do this at this time, you can simply pursue the first serve opportunities described above.

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