Free Christian Church

+ What are Parishes?

Free Christian Church has recently organized our congregation into five geographic “parishes”, where members and other regular attenders receive pastoral care and build community. Each parish is defined by geography, thus where you live determines which parish you belong to. Everyone associated with the church: young and old; regular and occasional attenders; members and non-members; relative newcomers and people who have attended FCC for years, lives in and belongs to a parish.

+ Why do we have Parishes?

The primary purpose of these parishes is to connect the unconnected, get acquainted, look out for people more effectively. Each parish is led by a team of Parish Leaders. They augment our Connecting Ministry and Pastoral Care Ministry, so that more people share pastoral responsibility for others at FCC. Our vision is for parishes to be a microcosm of the church, making it easier for people to connect across generations and other demographic divides.

+ What Parish Am I In?

The five parishes include

Central Parish (Everyone who lives in the catchment area for West Middle School)

West Parish (Everyone who lives in the catchment area for Wood Hill Middle School and towns south of New Hampshire and west of Interstate 93)

South Parish (Everyone who lives in the catchment area for Doherty Middle School and towns south of Andover and east of Interstate 93)

North Andover Parish (Everyone who lives in North Andover)

North East Parish (Everyone who lives in New Hampshire, and towns to the north and east of Andover (Lawrence, Methuen, and, Haverhill, etc.)

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Parish Leaders

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Upcoming Events

Each Parish gathers several times a year allowing people to meet and get to know their neighbors.
For more information about when your Parish will meet, contact your Parish Leader.