Mary is Pregnant

This is how the birth of Jesus the Messiah came about: His mother Mary was pledged to be married to Joseph, but before they came together, she was found to be pregnant through the Holy Spirit. - Matthew 1:18

By: Jane Mulcahy

Have you had a moment when something was just unexpectedly pressed upon you… something you had little control over, that was uncomfortable, challenging, perhaps frightening and givento you to carry?  Sometimes God allows us to carry things we never thought we were built for.  

I have found for myself that even when I think “I am doing things God’s way,” I have to suffer disappointment, stress & heartache in the midst of trying to be faithful to Him.  All my obedience makes me feel and look the fool to those around me perhaps. I’m guessing Mary experienced these very emotions as she obediently trusted God’s messenger.  

When John & I became parents, we knew that everything we did would be under the watchful eye of our children.  We understood that were building a legacy for them to follow when the time should come when we are no longer here with them.  They take in every response, watch our attitudes and hear our words.  As we have walked through times where God was giving a directive with no clear plan as to how His leading would unfold, we have had to demonstrate tremendous Mary-like trust that what He is asking us tocarrywill bear fruit.

As Christ followers, we are compelled to demonstrate obedience, a willing heart, a quiet spirit of humility, and people all around us are watching.  These are things that cannot be forced, but must be genuinely lived.  There is no way to do that other than walking closely with God, quietly listening to Him, trusting Him in the worry. Trusting Christ, even when there is no clear path that things are working out favorably for me, and I wonder how I will carry what God has asked me to carry.

And then, in the dark quiet of the night, a baby cries, and Jesus is here. Confusion, heartache & fear evaporate.  Trust has proven itself prosperous as Mary’s gentle but obedient “Yes” to God’s call leaves room for God to do what He does… save us from our sin & imperfection.  Saved for a life with Him, here and now and forever.