John Leaps in the Womb

When Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, the baby leaped in her womb, and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit. - Luke 1:41  

By: Lynette Hickey 

I am blessed with four beautiful children, each of them very different, with their own gifts, quirks, and complex personalities. I can tell you that each time I carried a child in my belly, I already had a sense of who they would be. With each kick, elbow jab, and rib-splitting stretch, I got some insight into their character as an individual, unique in their attitude, likes, and dislikes. For example, one baby was mellow and laid back in utero, rarely challenging his cozy boundaries, while another was constantly stretching in every direction as far as she could. If I tried to reposition her, she would push back at me even harder. One baby absolutely loved it when my husband would talk to my belly, and the sound of daddy’s voice was met with rolling and turning and kicking like you wouldn’t believe. But another of my babies had no interest at all in showing off, and no one could change that... not even daddy. 

Like each of my little ones showed their personalities in the womb, I have to believe that Elizabeth had some sense of who her baby would be as he grew inside of her. He was just as unique and complex as my babies are, just as every baby is. Upon hearing Mary’s greeting, that tiny baby leaped in Elizabeth’s belly! He didn’t flutter, he didn’t nudge — he leaped. He responded in the biggest way he could to the sound of Mary’s voice, and he wasn’t even born yet! What an incredible testimony to the sanctity of life, that even an unborn baby can be inspired by the Holy Spirit. 

God, you are an amazing Creator to make such beautiful things and allow us to fall in love with them! I thank you for every new life created, as each is distinct from any that has come before, or will ever come again. Lord, help us to see the value and exceptional beauty in every human being, especially the unborn, as we are all made in your image. Amen