Jesus Has Always Been

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God,  and the Word was God. - John 1:1

By: Erica Bethke

There is something so difficult about waiting isn’t there?  Even when we are assured of the outcome; a promised raise in pay, our own birthday, or the arrival of a loved one after a long time apart; that reality never quite makes the waiting any easier.  Does it?  I suppose it is because we know what is to come; more money, a happy time of celebration, a reunion with the one we love.  We know the goodness in these things because we have experienced it before.  We feel this even more as we wait for Jesus to return.   

Although none of us in this present age have met him in the flesh, we’ve come to know him through reading about him, through prayer, and by our own experience of miraculous peace, comfort and joy in the midst of our most difficult times in life.  When I remember Jesus’ first coming, I think of other believers since the beginning of time and before his first earthly appearance.  I have always been in awe of their hope and their trust that a savior would arrive to bring salvation to the world.  How could there be such hope and expectancy for someone that none of them had ever met?  Then I remember what it says in John 1:1. Jesus has always been. He was ministering to people from the beginning of time as he has ministered to me in my lifetime. He isn’t just some person like you or I who was born as a helpless baby who lived and merely died.  Jesus has always been.  Since before the earth began to spin on its axis and travel around the sun each year, he has seen all and overseen all, and continues to remain intimately involved with each of us.  This advent season as we remember Jesus’ first coming, remember his work in your life and wait expectantly for his return!