God says his Son is coming

“You are my son. Today I have begotten you.”   - Psalm 2:7

By Maureen Smith

Psalm 2:7 is a divine decree about the arrival of God’s Son, Jesus the Messiah. Centuries after this prophesy was written, faithful people were still waiting, hoping and trusting that God would send a mighty, conquering king to end all suffering and injustice. 

Then, the day arrived. Jesus was born. Sadly, many people missed knowing God personally because they didn’t recognize Him as the promised One.  They had expectations of what God in the flesh would be like. Maybe they couldn’t imagine the God of the universe would present himself as a humble, vulnerable child born in poverty. 

I can relate to those folks because I often miss what God is offering me in my daily life because I have expectations of how life should go. I have “if only” thoughts.  If only this situation, relationship, or thing were to happen, then all would be well. I miss seeing that God is always with me offering abundant life in all circumstances.

Centuries ago, God kept his promise about his son coming so that through Him we can actually know God himself. Immanuel offers us perspective of how to live an abundant life amidst challenges, joys. and growing times.  Peace comes when I shift my perspective off of myself and circumstances and focus on the life of Jesus. 

The arrival of Jesus reassures me that God is a promise-keeper and I can trust Him now knowing He will come again. 

Gracious God, may your comforting Holy Spirit broaden our perspective and give us peace as we wait expectantly for the celebration of your Son coming again. Thank you that we can know you through knowing Jesus today. Amen.