And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel. - Genesis 3:15 

By Joy Fauntroy

Though I’ve been a Christian for many years, Satan still strikes my heel. Sometimes I lose my temper, harbor offenses, look down on my neighbor, or set a poor example for my children.  Sometimes I grumble, fail to use my time wisely, or choose to seek others’ praise before God’s. 

There are moments, even seasons, when the enemy feels alive and well.

But thankfully, I have a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.  And so do you. Infinitely more than any mistake we can regret, any grievance we can harbor, any sin we can commit-- and stronger than any power in heaven and on earth is the love God has for us in Christ Jesus!  When I consider that He lived a life of persecution, died in humiliation on the cross, and chose not to keep his righteousness all to himself (though he certainly deserved to), I am awestruck! Just to be with us in this life and the next, and to take back what was rightfully His (you and me, and whosoever would believe!), Jesus paid it all. He crushed the head of our defeated foe.

Whether we deserve it or not, all of us who believe in Jesus’ undying love share in that victory. It’s won in our hearts every day. The moment we recognize our own sins for what they are and confess them once again to Him.  When we offer up our troubled minds and choose, come what may, to praise. When we truly forgive a loved one who let us down and now see him or her in a whole new light. When we pray for a cruel neighbor as a loving friend, rather than in bitterness.  When we endure suffering for His sake and the for the sake of all those He leads to Life.  The power of His love compels us! 

It’s really awesome if you stop to marvel at the vastness of that victory. May He win it again for you today, and may Christmas be for you and yours a full-blown celebration!

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